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About the Company
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Subodh Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that has specalised in Solid / liquid filtration technology since 30 years. Our years of experience in the field of solid-liquid separation and innovative ideas as technology leader enables us to find a tailor-made filtration solution in an application-suitable quality in shortest time. As we attach great importance to efficiency, you can be sure that our products work cost-effectively, profitably and environmentally friendly. Innovation is the central point of our work. For example, we have defined with the development of, closed filtration system the state of the art - and are ready to serve you with individual solutions.  


Innovation and technology you can trust, Experts you can depend on
Subodh Filters has its Research & Development Department, where existing filtration and manufacturing methods are further refined and improved. Added to that is our engineer’s expertise in designing custom-made solution.

Global development within the industry are rapid, environmental protection is a major pre-occupation, and stricter filtration requirement are being introduced almost daily.

The provision of quick & effective solutions is a challenge Subodh Filters is happy to meet.

As Flexible as our Customer‘s need
Subodh Filters adds new dimension to solid/liquid separation by introducing Cellulose Fiber Base Filter Paper suitable for different types of industries like Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Pesticides /Resin & Food. We are global leader in the marketing of high performance fiber-based material.
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